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Sevan the Craftsman tells the story of Sevan Bıçakcı, a maestro whose skill of transforming precious metals and gems into majestic works of art not only resuscitated the forgotten jewellery-making traditions of an empire but has also bestowed upon it a glamour previously unheard of. The film documents Sevan’s long journey to becoming the person whose artistry, skill and patience sees him draw inspiration from Istanbul’s magical and mesmerising qualities to create works of unparalleled magnificence.

Sevan’s story begins in earnest when the 12-year-old boy, born into an impoverished family from Istanbul’s Armenian community, began his rise to master of his craft as an apprentice in the city’s most famous but also most demanding school for artisans: The Grand Bazaar. Now 33 years into his profession, he is widely considered the world’s real-life lord of the rings. The majestic and renowned architectural works dotting Istanbul’s landscape built by the city’s various past rulers, whether they be the the Byzantines or Ottomans are not Sevan’s only source of inspiration.

His creativity is aided by every aspect of this living and breathing city. From the mesmerizing and sparkling blue waters of the Bosphorus strait, its fish to the daily lives of its residents… But what sort of artisan is Sevan? Is he a jewellery designer? Is he a sculptor? Is he a painter? Or is he a combination of them all? The feature-length documentary Sevan the Craftsman takes a peek into Sevan’s personal and professional journey to artist of global renown through the prism of him designing and crafting an emerald-topped ring.

Containing re-enactments of Sevan’s childhood, the film tells his story through the voices of his family, fellow professionals, colleagues and friends. The film contrasts Sevan’s rise from rampant poverty to creator of art worth millions, and eagerly sought by the world’s rich, famous and powerful. It is also a film about the disappearing master-apprentice tradition and a changing city. At the same time, it is a film about the history of multicultural Istanbul and the richness brought to it by its diverse peoples such as Sevan the Craftsman.


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Ümran Safter



Ahsen Diner



Orkun Telli

Director of Photography


Bülent Yılmaz

Director of Photography



Erol Çulhacı


Derya Türkan



Esra Yeşilçimen

Line Producer


Nezih Tavlaş

Project Consultant



Suraj Sharma

Consulting Producer


Shira Pinson

Supervising Editor

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