Derya Türkan


Derya Türkan is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University’s State Conservatory of Turkish Music. He was invited to join the Turkish Culture Ministry’s Classical Turkish Musical Society and served there for seven years.

He has been making records with the likes of Kudsi Erguner, Sokrates Sinepoulos, Djivan Gasparyan and Erkan Ogur since 1992. He was part of a team giving concerts, seminars and lectures at Harvard, MIT and the New England Conservatory.

He has worked as music director on feature films directed by Cem Yılmaz and documentaries directed by Ersen Kıyga. He contributed to the original score of Argo by playing the Kemence in the score created by Alexandre Desplat. He continues to collaborate on music projects and concerts with the likes of Jordi Savall, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Renaud Garcia Fons, Vincent Segal, Ross Daly, Enver İzmailov, Alim Kasimov, Erkan Ogur and Kayhan Kalhor.