Ümran Safter


Ümran Safter is an award-winning producer, director and journalist. Her most recent work is a feature-length documentary film titled The Eye of Istanbul. The film depicts the life and work of renowned Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler. The film was screened at several international film festivals and won the Best of Fest award at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival in 2016.

Safter is also a veteran journalist with two decades of experience covering Turkey and the Middle East. She started her career in journalism in 1996. She has worked at several media outlets and television stations including CNN Turk, Kanal 7, TRT Turk and Al Jazeera Turk, both as a correspondent and news editor.

The topics she covered as a journalist include the Iraq war, the Palestine-Israel conflict, and the conditions under which Syrian refugees along the border have to endure. She has also produced a number of television documentaries and television shows; some of which include a feature on life in Guantanamo Prison, the story of victims of the Bosnian war, and the conditions faced by Iraqi refugees in Syria. She is the co-founder of Ekim Medya company. She lives in Istanbul.